Download my newsletter template every month. Then, email it to your client list & you’ll book more sessions. Staying in touch with your clients is a competitive advantage! Most photographers will go out of business because they continually ignore their client list. Be different – stay in touch, show your clients you care, & you’ll earn future business.

  • THE FIRST BENEFIT to sending a well-crafted newsletter is….. your clients will return to your studio to get additional portraits created. More repeat clients.

    Photography Newsletter Template

    The number one reason clients don’t return to a business is because they simply forgot you care. The second reason is because they weren’t invited back. Although we love to think we are so important to our clients and “we are so amazing – they will come back”… the truth is… you have to deserve your clients coming back. Do you deserve for your clients to come back to you? Have you earned that right? Clients eventually feel like you don’t care about them because you have not kept up the relationship. Having a client for life is a lot like dating – you have to keep courting them to stay in the relationship or else the relationship ends.

  • THE SECOND BENEFIT to sending a well-crafted newsletter is….. your clients will remember your name at the exact moment they need to remember it to send you more referrals.

    Maybe someone at work is getting married or having a baby. What happens if your client forgot your name? They can’t refer you more business! (Many of my clients report passing my newsletter along to a friend. “Here is that photographer I told you about”. Think about the power of that!) Its not their job to remember to send you referrals – you have to consistently remind them!

  • THE THIRD BENEFIT is “Cross Selling”.

    Ask yourself this question…. “After the initial sale is complete, what’s next?”. “After the wedding, what’s next?” (well, eventually there should be a maternity, newborn, family , …) . “After the senior session, what’s next?” (perhaps this is a great time to do a family session before the senior goes off to college) … “whats next??” Amateurs focus on the FIRST sale – professionals focus on “whats next”.

    So, does your wedding clients know you create stunning newborn portraits? Do your newborn clients know you photography families on location? Do your families know you create amazing senior pictures? Do they know you do headshots? And finally, do your seniors know you shoot weddings? Getting clients back in the door is easiest way to boost your profits! Have you EVER lost a session and heard a client say “I didn’t know you did that!”

  • THE FOURTH BENEFIT is “Pass Along Value”.

    My clients do give my newsletter to their friends, neighbors, and co-workers because its fun to read AND “here is that photographer I was telling you about.”

  • THE FIFTH BENEFIT is “Stealth Marketing”.

    Your competition won’t even realize you are doing it. Sending newsletters is a way to fly under the radar. Anything you post online CAN and WILL BE copied by your competition pretty quickly. BUT, they can’t copy this because they don’t know you are doing it! In fact, if you want, you can LOCK OUT your competition from subscribing to!

  • THE SIXTH BENEFIT is “Personality Marketing”.

    Let’s face it, most marketing is BORING that yields less than pleasing results. With a newsletter, your personality can SHINE because you have the space to make it happen. You can’t buy a large enough ad space to do that. Show a little about you, your family, your children, your hobbies. People WANT to connect with YOU. Let them. Whats the one thing you competition can’t copy? They can copy your poses, your locations, … but they can’t copy your personality. Use it. Show it.

  • THE SEVENTH FIFTH BENEFIT is “Wall Building”.

    You are slowly putting a protective wall around your clients thus making it much more difficult for your competition to lure your clients away from you.

  • THE EIGHTH BENEFIT is the “Silent Salesperson”!

    A newsletter is your silent salesperson. Its much cheaper than hiring an employee too! Its never late, its always on time, and does a highly effective job. You can make announcements for upcoming special events, maybe a shot where proceeds go to a charity, use it to congratulate a client for some accomplishment, …

  • THE EIGHTH BENEFIT is the “Brand Re-Enforcement”!

    The only way to build an identifiable brand is to keep it memorable and in front of your clients face. If you have “studio colors”, make sure it re-enforced in your newsletter. Use your logo or mark. If you have different “divisions”, maybe use one set of colors for families and another for your wedding clients. This is a great way to really build your brand identity.

  • THE TENTH BENEFIT is “Profit”.

    How amazing would it feel to take your spouse on a well deserved vacation for supporting your dreams! Hire a babysitter once a month and go out! Hire a house cleaner to help with the house chores. It will make home life MUCH better!

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George, show me a sample download

Rudy from Rudy's Portraits: 20 Year Industry Veteran

“Hello George, I just signed up for both your business and newsletter web sites.

First of all thank you for the contribution you are providing our industry!

I have struggled with implementing a newsletter for our studio, but after being referred to your services by Bruce Hudson’s e-mail newsletter. It was the push I needed to start doing it.

Like we all have heard it said, that knowledge WITHOUT implementation is WORTHLESS!

I have heard that a newsletter should be in the top 3 of a business marketing list, because it works!

So, I’m excited and embarrassed to say that after 20 years, we will be doing both hard copy mailing and e-mailing our first newsletter, thanks to your simplified way of doing the majority of the work for it!

The reality is that as full time established studio’s the only way to survival is to use every marketing tool at our disposal!

It’s a constant leap frogging staying ahead in the wonderful world of digital!

Thank you again, Mr. George, looking forward working with your newsletter and business web sites!”

Rudy, Rudy’s Portraits Of Style & Design,LLC